Monday, April 22, 2013

Umbrian Dinner & Tulips

We had a lovely dinner last night with Umbrian Serenades founder Paulo Faustini and our friend Steve Ryan, who is singing this summer (Steve arrived with an huge armful of pink, yellow and orange tulps, the tabletop ones shown in these photos. The apartment looks like a garden this morning, the pink tulips now taking their place on the ottoman). On the menu? Porchetta and rosemary potatoes paired with Montefalco Sagrantino, antipasti from Eataly, a first course pasta, salad, and lots of Prosecco and FranciaCorta! I'd never made Porchetta before. Very delicious, I have to say! You can find the recipe here and here. It is not as hard as it looks, believe me. The dessert was Sweet Ricotta Gåteaux With Apricot Sauce from Jacque Pépin's More Fast Food My Way. Simple and wonderful, it was paired with FranciaCorta, then topped off with a little Grappa.  

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