Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Verdi Square

It really should be called Verdi Triangle because of the the park's shape, but no one asked me, did they? 

I frequently walk through Verdi Square to go to Fairway, a very busy market on the Upper West Side, where one can find all manner of things; the produce, perhaps, being the best thing about it. For your average midwesterner, used to acre of aisle, it will seem rather congested, especially on a Friday afternoon when every Jewish grandmother in town is getting ready for the weekend. 

Back to Verdi. The monument was in very sad shape for a long while, with hands and arms knocked off. However, a restoration was carried out a number of years ago, and I was present when it was rededicated by the city, Sherrill Milnes, the great Verdi operatic baritone singing on-site. 

The last photograph is of the Ansonia, a Beaux-Art building where Caruso stayed while in town. Fairway lies another block North. 

Photos taken with dinky iPhone. 

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