Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day

The last time I photographed Soldier Man was during the winter. It was late at night, a storm was blowing through Gotham, and he was covered with snow. Today he was covered with flowers, standing tall on a Civil War memorial that lies just inside Central Park, near the 69th Street entrance off Central Park West. I snapped away, thinking of my father, a veteran of the Korean War. Big guy, big sigh. He would never talk about his experience, except to say - in a sardonic tone of voice - that he never, ever, wanted to have scrambled eggs again.  


  1. Down here in Virginia, in the nearest town square, we don't have a monument to the defense of the Union. We have a memorial to fighting for "the right," and inculcating it in the next generations. The consequence seems to strike a price too high for victory; and that, I can see all about me. That, I can mourn. At the same time, on this Monday, the carillons tolled the battle hymn of the republic above the farm fields of this county, ringing soothingly of exhaustion from this fight; and I was hopeful.

    1. The South will rise again, huh? Saw that movie and those old wounds being exploited in elections. But, like you, I have hope.


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