Saturday, May 11, 2013

My mother's c. 1880's oriental carpet...

My mother's c. 1880's oriental carpet came home with me from Bucks County a few days ago, and I am so honored and grateful to have it, having always loved it! She bought it at an estate auction in Doylestown in the 1970's, then placed it under a wood and blue-tiled dining room table that was made by my father. The size is perfect for the room even if challenges the colors in the furniture. I was hesitant to put it down for that reason, but Blue convinced me otherwise. "Live with it for a while," he said. Of course, it's a very English thing to do, that is, create a room from what you have, rather than get all matchy-matchy from the get-go. I'm sure some things will change, and I might even try it in the bedroom, but have a feeling it will stay where it is now if only because more than half of it would be covered in said bedroom- and it does want to be seen. Maybe it's time for a modern glass and black coffee table or an old wooden blanket chest. What thinkest thou? 

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