Monday, May 13, 2013

Songs my father taught me

I could have titled this post "Bolos, Bangles and Beads," but thought "Songs my father taught me" had a bit more dignity (it's also an allusion to a song by Charles Ives which you can hear here). However, if you knew my father (and I am sorry you did not), the title could also have read "Bolos, Banjos and Beads," since the man could play a mean banjo while also playing the guitar and drum. Yes, a one-man band as well as an amazing artisan. He crafted all the pieces you see below, which are only a fraction of his work (I wrote about some of his other pieces here). The ring? His hands were huge, so I am going to have to have it resized. It is made of coral, silver and turquoise. The second photo contains three bolos as well as a turquoise pendant, while the third is of a necklace made of agate, bone, silver and turquoise. Ah, so much to say! Music does it best. 

Photos taken with dinky iPhone, CameraBag App & Magazine setting.  

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