Thursday, May 16, 2013

Stopping in Lambertville

I rented a Zipcar yesterday for the second time in two weeks, driving from Gotham to Bucks Country, Pennsylvania to see my family. Last week it was an SUV-ish Audi with a lot of room, while this week it was a sporty Mercedes with a sunroof. The reason for the trips? My mother down-sizing, selling her house, and dispersing the contents of the same, so I needed wheels to bring some things back. Last week it was a beautiful antique carpet (see here), while this week it was three antique arrow back chairs, one from my mother's family farm near Pittsburgh (a subsequent post). 

On the way to Pennsylvania, I stopped in Lambertville, New Jersey, zipping down the hill into town and parking next to a gallery/shop that made me smile with its marriage equality signage. Meter parking had me going into a nearby shop, ordering a tasty cappuccino (so good), and plunking the change into said meter. Safe for a good 30 minutes, I took a jaunt around town, catching the canal in my dinky iPhone, various antique shops, the canal, bridge and river, and the former railway station which is now a tony restaurant. 

In one antique shop, I spied a young gentleman ($2400) looking at Jesus and Mary across the room.

Photos taken with dinky iPhone, CameraBag App & Magazine Setting. 


  1. Hi Daniel,

    I am completely enchanted by these photos! What a beautiful town. It almost looks frozen in time, which I love! Looks like there are some great antique shops too.

    Thanks for the post.



  2. Hi Michael - It's a lovely town, and stuffed with antique shops and places to munch. There is also the "Golden Nugget Flea Market" just south of Lambertville on Saturday and Wednesday mornings. It closes around noon, so you have to get there early. Best- Daniel


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