Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sunday Met

You must be getting tired of seeing the lobby of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, right? Sorry about that! It just so happens that I pass by it on my way home from the East Side every Sunday afternoon, so can't resist at least walking in and snapping away, which is what I did earlier today. The flowers are different at least (they change them every week). The Pharaoh is still there, and will be,  I hear, for a least a decade. He sits smack in the middle of the room off to the right, holding court, with his back to two church-like benches. The short hallway? That presents itself right next to the grand staircase and the bookstore/shop, where I frequently go to scope out the latest books on interior design. 

Speaking of which: I didn't see it there, but did have Michael Smith's Building Beauty delivered in the post yesterday, having pre-ordered it some time ago. Rather nice to have a 'surprise' delivered, since I nearly forgot about it! 

I've always been rather taken with Mr. Smith's aesthetic, with its Englishness, simple off-white linen curtains, antique wood, fabulous carpets and modern paintings. Like Rose Tarlow, he has an eye for beauty.

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