Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Church on West 71st Street

I passed by it on the way home from the market and heard its red doors cry, "Shoot me, shoot me!" So I did, after setting my bag of lacinato kale, fresh tomatoes and pancetta on the sidewalk (all going into a sauce with a liberal amount of good olive oil and garlic when I got home). The late afternoon light made the building seem more weathered than it already is. Yes, I included a photo of it about a week ago (see here), and thought of that as I snapped, but then thought: "Who can resist a red door and a bit of gothic?" Not me, certainly. The really mysterious thing? The light between the church and the former parsonage, which reminded me of the Buddhist concept of the Bardo: dark at the bottom and full of light at the top, chiarscuro and full of presence.  

Photo taken with dinky iPhone, CameraBag App & Magazine setting. 

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