Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Garden of Circus Delights

In a hallway underneath Penn Station/Madison Square Garden at 34th Street lies a most remarkable mural. Commissioned by the Metropolitan Transit Authority, "The Garden of Circus Delights" is the creation of Eric Fischl in homage of the circus that is in residence above at the Garden every year. Completed in 2001, I cannot recall being aware it, that is, until this past week when I took a particular exist leading onto 8th Avenue. There I stood, stopped in my tracks for a good 20 minutes, staring at the glistening tiles on the wall, subway trains above rumbling. It's a beautiful, vibrant work, not unlike the City that lies above, which pulses with energy and motion. Find it when you come to Gotham. It's a wonder waiting to be experienced. 

Photos taken with dinky iPhone, CameraBag App & Magazine Setting. 


  1. Hear, hear! A fabulous exhumation. Murals and bowels so often run together, you could almost say, that you make one think of Dartmouth's sublime Baker Library, squatting upon the subterranean masterpiece of Diego Rivera. The present work is a destination in its own right, lacking only the cocktail shaker of the King Cole or Bemelman's bars to sustain its study.

    1. I bet we could set up a bar right quick, and everyone could dance to the rumble of the A train. Thank you for your comment, Laurent!


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