Thursday, May 9, 2013

The New York Public Library at 42nd Street & 5th Avenue

I was at the NYPL for a protest yesterday, which I wrote about here. Not the happiest of occasions certainly, but one which offered me the opportunity show a friend one of the glories of Gotham. I love the place so much, not just because it has served me well as a researcher, but because it is a truly magnificent building. While there, I also took in an interesting exhibit on the prints of Mary Cassatt. Worth seeing actually. As for the building? See it before they rip its guts out. That's all I can bring myself to say on this page. 

Photos taken with dinky iPhone, CameraBag App & Magazine setting. 


  1. I've supported your views on this essentially unspeakable plan in this space before, and I cannot add anything, either. Who could believe one would have to?

    Who could believe one would have to? And what would that be: a parsing of "iconoclasm" into zones of ever more exquisite depravity, until at last the benevolent lusts of vain capital claim vengeance on a fluke of mercy in their past? Imagine, the scale of resentment involved, in a gesture of such pride. In the end the intolerance of the good is just too great, and of the consolation of its presence among us.


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