Saturday, June 22, 2013

second day of summer

I should - or could be- posting photos of Charleston, where I took a trip to a few weeks ago;  but no, I've snapped a photo of fading apricot roses on the mantel instead. Mr. Husband brought them home yesterday, and plopped them on the mantel this morning. And what a glorious morning it is! The air is cool and the light golden: unusual in some ways for Gotham, which can tend towards hot and humid this time of year. I am savoring ever minute of it, and the roses too, which are sitting next to an early 20th century clock from Valencia, Spain. It was snapped up by my father - an ironmaker with an eye for antiques- when he worked there in the early 1970's. He also brought a 17th century table from Bilbao, which I also have (it will be taking its place as a desk in the bedroom). All in all, my family spent three years in Spain, living in both cities - a life-changing experience. Roses and memories. 


  1. Well, that was a tease – a mention of Charleston and then roses instead. Pretty, though.

    Would like to see the photos of Charleston at some later date.

    1. Thank you, Blue, for your comment! Charleston will appear: promise!


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