Sunday, June 30, 2013

Waking up to (near) equality

Gay Pride Sunday here in Gotham, and I open the New York Times to read of marriages being held in San Francisco after the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals sped up the process of dumping DOMA in the trash with a one-liner. Funny thing is: I saw this news online yesterday, but this doesn't take away one iota of its impact. It's real life, in black and white, the kind of which I never thought to see when I moved to Manhattan in 1988. Equality seemed like Neverland then. However, seeing joyous faces of newly married couples in California gives me hope that full equality is not only possible, but inevitable. 

Happy Gay Pride! 


  1. It was the happiest of Gay Pride celebrations.

    1. So glad you you had a wonderful time, Blue! What a life-changing week it has been!

  2. The Ninth's trash dump left Judge Walker's shining judgment standing. There's a text for the ages.


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