Monday, August 26, 2013

End of Summer & Sunday Afternoon at the Met

Yesterday, I put on my white bucks and sauntered over to the Metropolitan Museum of Art with Mr. Husband. The plan was to have lunch and see a few galleries. I had not been there since returning from Italy and found myself searching out Caravaggio after viewing a disturbingly beautiful show on American paintings and photographs from the Civil War period. Wonderful afternoon in Gotham though- all in all. I have to get out my white shoes more often. 

Winslow Homer - Veteran Returning to the Fields

15th Century Sienese - Creation of the World


Flemish Gentleman

Artemisia Gentileschi- famous woman painter of the 17th century - Rome


Caravaggio frame detail 


  1. I have never seen the Caravaggio so brilliant. Did it seem credible to you?

  2. Credible? I'm not an art historian, but hell, yes! Great painting. There are 4 of them in one room. MUST SEE! Thanks for your comment, Laurent.


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