Saturday, August 17, 2013

End of Summer

End of summer? That's how it feels here in Gotham. We've had cooler temperatures and the light has changed. Before you know it, autumn will be upon us. 

What's been happening? I'm back from Italy (photos will follow in due course), and have written an article that will be published in a professional journal. Very happy about that! 

Today, I took photos of summer flowers after bringing them home from the market. Middle of the day dessert you might say. Feast for the eyes: I love the  blue-ish purple against the other colors in the room.

Nancy Lancaster reportedly said that a room needed three things: fresh flowers, candlelight and a roaring fire. Not sure about the fire, but I know I can muster the candlelight. 

May your end of summer be glorious! 


  1. gorgeous -looks like you had an amazing trip! We're just back from the Cape and Maine and getting back into the swing of things and catching up with blogs.

    1. I did have an amazing trip! Hope your time at the Cape and in Maine was restorative!


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