Friday, October 11, 2013

Days of Wine & Roses

Victorian opaline vase with brass trim, roses from the small garden in front of the Brownstone, and a glass of red wine. The vase came from an antique shop on Columbus Avenue that has since been turned into a hair salon. In fact, there is only one antique shop left on the upper west side—John Koch Antiques on west 84th street. The roses will bloom until late November, perhaps even into December: one vine has even reached Christmas.  More wine, more roses, if you please. More days of ineffable fragrance. 


  1. Only 1? so sad! Be sure to patronize it so they don't close as well!

    1. Yes—only one is left, when once, Columbus Avenue was chock full of antique shops 25 years ago. All gone! I do go into Koch Antiques and have gotten quite a few things from them the last decade or so that they've been in business.


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