Sunday, October 20, 2013

saying goodbye to an old friend

We are told that life is change, which is certainly true when I consider the process set in motion when we reconfigured our closets—the subject of my last post. Now I am in the process of selling an Empire dresser and an Victorian writing desk which you see here. 

I bought the desk from a shop on West 79th that is still there. Overpriced, but very much beloved; the desk held court in the bedroom for more than a decade. After bringing home a gorgeous antique Spanish table from my father's estate, I knew it was time the desk found a new home. 

So today, after taking out the contents, I set up a tripod and took a few photographs: marveling at the burled maple and walnut that made my heart sing when I first saw it. Now it is gracing the pages of Craig's List. Goodbye old friend. I've loved every moment we're shared together. 


  1. family pieces take precedence! I've been doing a lot of this myself - replacing items with 'new' ones -I think the rejuvenation is good for the soul, let alone the apartment. Can't let things get stale!

    1. So right you are, ArchitectDesign! That's it exactly. And yes—not getting stale is certainly part of it. In our case, this has meant letting two pieces go, and replacing one with an antique desk, and the other with a (to be built) tall multi-functional bookcase. Thank you for your comment!


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