Saturday, November 30, 2013

Leaning towards the light

I told myself that I wouldn't post anything remotely "Christmas-y" until well into December, but here it, the last last day of November, and I have uploaded a new "header" which screams jingle bells. What gives? Darkness, for one thing: I want light long into the night, be it the gleam of of old ornaments in candlelight, even if it is from an old photograph. Light upon light, it provides a touchstone to all that is important: family and friends, and love that crosses time and space.  

The photo in this post was taken three years ago, as was the header which appears above. I went all out that year (at least for me), crafting a heavy garland of magnolia leaves in which I intertwined my grandmother's antique pink ornaments from the 1930's with gilt pinecones (we're talking gold spray paint, ok?). What will I do this year? The jury is out, but I am leaning towards a slimmed down version of this arrangement. A party is in the works for the second week of December, which presents an excellent opportunity for creativity. 

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