Monday, December 9, 2013


Sweet fragrance fills the air while I breakfast on tea and oranges. I think of Spring, longer days, shorter nights, and of the decorations to be put on the mantel for the Holidays. Keep it simple, says the Narcissus. 


  1. one of my favorite flowers -beautiful!

  2. Thank you for your comment, ArchitectDesign. They may not last until the end of December, but luckily, I can always zip downtown for another pot. After the holidays is another matter however. No one seems to carry them then, unfortunately. How'd I'd love to go through all of January with their fragrance. D

  3. Lovely, Daniel! We brought a pot from the plant district with us to the country this year. I was showing my Mr. Husband your beautiful living room, and he wonders what colors you used for the walls and woodwork. Gorgeous.

    Happy New Year!

    1. How wonderful to receive your comment, J! We're on our second pot, which just now starting to twist as it does in its last days. Still beautiful though. The walls and woodwork are painted Benjamin Moore "Cameo White," which, at the time, was right off the rack, being a popular color for Upper West Side apartments 15 or more years ago. It's been refreshed a couple of times since then. The walls are in an eggshell finish, while the bookcases, are in a semi-gloss finish. Lastly, while you can't see it in this photograph, the coffered beams on the ceiling are painted a half-tone of the same color, that is, it is mixed with pure white. One project this summer will be to paint the ceiling panels the same color, but in a flat finish (right now the are pure white, which is too stark for my taste).

      Oh…didn't know you had a wonderful blog! I've added it to my blog roll!

      Happy New Year to you both!

    2. PS—The Cameo White has a touch of cream/yellow in it.


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