Saturday, December 21, 2013

Spanish Red

Actually, the red carpet is English, and sat under my mother's dining table until earlier this year, when she sold her house and moved to a smaller cottage. I've always loved it, and it came to me with a few other things, one of them being the table, which is Spanish, and is quite old. My father found it in Valencia, and used it as a desk, as am I. Sitting in a corner of the bedroom, it holds a Mac desktop that talks to the shiny new office chair. The latter has a runner thrown over it. It's Spanish too, and once had its place on the desk. I threw it over the chair when moving things about, thought it looked interesting, and snapped a photo. Talismans of the past, the runner, table and carpet hold many memories, one of them being Marqués de Riscal, which was my father's favorite Spanish wine. I'd bring him a couple bottles when I would see him on New Year's Day—his birthday.  


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    1. It is indeed, ArchitectDesign! My mother bought it at auction in Doylestown about 35 years ago and had it under her dining table. I put it down in the living room for a couple of months, but it wasn't having a very good conversation with the dark green silk curtains and green velvet sofa. Wishing you a wonderful holiday!

  2. just one of the most charming, journal type, thoughtful posts that I have had the pleasure to read in a long, long time. Thank you :)

    1. Thank you for your kind words, h. villa!

    2. Thank you for your kind words, h. villa!


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