Sunday, February 16, 2014


A lone antique bronze picture light on a bookshelf stuffed with two icons; one from the flea, the other from my hand; an antique clock from Valencia, Spain; an emerald gazing ball sitting in a Pottery Barn mercury glass planter; a glass blown goblet; Victorian inkwell; and a paperweight. The gazing ball, clock, goblet and picture light are from my father's estate, and found their way to the apartment last year. My father, of course, had rather baroque sensibilities, acquiring things more for their shape, character and beauty, rather than their provenance.  

This mélange of objects was assembled shortly before a party for a friend—all circles and rectangles. After returning from brunch with Mr. Husband today, I decided to take a photo of it. The picture light gives everything the kind of stage light you'd see in the Edwardian era, which is fitting I suppose, since half the objects in the room are in keeping with it. Now, if I could only look into the gazing ball and see what the future holds. 

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Winter Renovation

Central Park, '09 

Gotham has been blanketed with single digit temperatures for the last week, with curious consequences, one of the them being the need to file the humidifier at least 4 times a day—a very necessary thing for pianos and voices. Most people don't realize it, but when the heat is on all the time, the air inside a Gotham apartment can go down to single digits too. Keeping the humidity level around 30-40 percent means keeping a good steam humidifier on high.

Sheep Meadow, 2014

I've lived in Manhattan since 1988, and during that time, its never snowed as much as it has this winter. Only this morning, there is "snow upon snow." as the Christmas hymn "In the Bleak Mid-Winter" so adroitly put is. 

Columbus Avenue, 2014 

Of course, all the snow has made for fun photography. I find myself snapping away with my iPhone every time I leave the apartment, which, btw, has been experiencing a renovation the past few weeks, as we finally put in new kitchen cabinets. Not quite finished with everything yet, so photos will have to wait. I can say, however, that the process wasn't nearly as messy as I thought it was going to be, and it is wonderful to have a functioning exhaust fan over the stove, something we've wanted for a long, long time.