Saturday, April 19, 2014

Afternoon Tea

Lessons to be taught, writing to be done, an apartment to be cleaned. Of course, it's all happening on a Saturday. But there is time enough for everything when you take a moment to have a spot of tea. This time I am using my two great-aunt's—spinster sisters actually—hand-painted Bavarian china, which they created in the 1920's. If I remember correctly, painting your own china was something of a cottage industry then. I love the peacock feather motif and silken feel of the china itself, which is soft and cool to the touch. The tea, of course, is Darjeeling: perfect for that sinking feeling. 


  1. Just having a cup of green tea as I write. The Celt is munching a hot cross bun with his dark as treacle Indian teabag tea (with milk). Happy Easter to you both.


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