Monday, April 28, 2014

Delicious Deco

On my way home from singing for my supper (or, in this case, brunch), I spied a delicious deco confection of a facade near the Metropolitan Museum of Art. 

And if memory serves, this style of deco uses Aztec designs. However, not being an architecture buff, I may be off the mark. You, dear reader, will undoubtedly know more. 

With no doorman in evidence, and the front door being locked to the outside world, I couldn't charm my way into snapping a photo of the lobby, which was as snazzy as the facade, at least, from what I could see peering through said front door. 

Restored facade? That seems to be the case here, with the metalwork having been renewed with nickel plating or resurfacing. 

Every block in Manhattan holds a treasure. That's one thing I've learned living in Gotham.


  1. Delicious Deco it is, indeed. If I remember rightly, "Art Deco" is a term that only goes back as far as the 1960s. The style itself officially ended in 1929, the year of the Crash.

    1. And New York is full of it! My first apartment was in a Deco building, and had casement windows, and a tiny bathroom with yellow and black tile.


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