Sunday, April 20, 2014


This being Easter Sunday, I was up rather early for a man of the theatre, finding myself in a choir stall shortly after 8 am, rehearsing a Gerald Finzi anthem, and two selections from Handel's Messiah. Of course, the congregation stood for one of them (no hints from me), and was sent out into the bright sunlit world on the other, everyone celebrating the highest liturgical day of the year in high style, though there were precious few Easter bonnets to be seen. 

Theatre man hours aside, I don't find it hard to sing at an early hour, if only because, well… after years of experience: I know what  am doing! Afterwards the second of two services, I walked across Central Park after stopping in at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, snapping up the forthysia and Ben Pentreath's book English Decoration, after having my eye on it for a while. What can I say? It's right up my alley. 

Standing in the lobby after the book was mine, I spied two handsome fellows standing against the wall, carefully studying a map of the Met, which is much too much to see in one day, and thought, "I wish I were a painter!" 

Out in gloriously sunlit Central Park, I passed flowering magnolia's and Morris dancers (you might want to look that up) while making my way to the West Side and Brunch at La Boîte en Bois. I'm so glad it's Spring, and am looking forward to going with Mr. Husband to Paris the first week of May. Bon jour!

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