Thursday, July 10, 2014

Umbrian Alchemy

San Francesco Museum, Montefalco 

Breakfast at Hotel dei Duchi

On the way to our concert in Spoleto 

Unforgettable Tabarrini Rose at Ristorante Apollinare

Faux Symmetry 

17th Century Palazzo in Spoleto 

Delectable Antipasti at Il Panchiolle 

Duomo Porch where an informal concert is given

Founder Paulo with fellow bass John, post-concert in Trevi, Italy

17th century mural in our rehearsal space

Duomo in Spoleto 

Incredible Carbonara at Il Tempio del Gusto 

Wonderful 4 star hotel in Spoleto 

Walkway in an 18th century building next to the hotel 

Radicchio, apple & pine nut salad 

Roman fountain in Spoleto 

Roman aqueduct in Spoleto 

With Paulo at a reception at Hotel Gattapone 

Arches in Spoleto 

Amazing antipasti at the farewell dinner at Hotel dei Duchi 

Another view of the Duomo piazza 

In a little over a week, I'll be getting on a plane at JFK and flying off to Rome for two days, and then traveling to Spoleto, Italy, for the next thirteen, where I'll be singing with Umbrian Serenades, which was founded by Paulo Faustini. It will be my fourth time, each time being a transformative experience. I chalk this up to the power of music in a beautiful setting with wonderful people—and yes, incomparable food and wine. It sounds simple, but it's more than that: singing in a 17th century rehearsal space during the day, dining under the stars at night, performing music in 12th century spaces—all this creates an Umbrian alchemy that illuminates from within, connecting dots both inside and out, and draws a magical circle around everyone and everything. Simply put: Umbrian Serenades changes your life.

Photo Credits: Daniel's Dinky iPhone, Umbrian Serenades 2013


  1. Sing beautifully, my friend, as I'm sure you will. Happy summer.

    1. Thank you, Blue! I will endeavor to do just that. But first, I must study Italian!

  2. I miss Italy -- you're making me wish I could tag along!

    1. William—You'd be welcome. Members frequently have non-singing companions and friends who join them for the trip. It's a big circle this program.

  3. So wonderful to wake up to your lovely post. Before departure have an extra glass of Rose for me. Sigh!!!!!!!!

    1. Thank you, Swede. Shhhh! Don't tell, but you can order Tabarrini Rose from their website, and we can raise our glasses together. However, I must admit that having it in situ is a distinctly wonderful experience. Thank you for your comment.


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