Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Vatican, Vino & Caravaggio

Went to the Vatican, but was too late to see the museum. Better luck tomorrow.

Exiting Vatican City and crossing the Tiber River.

And wouldn't you know it? Opera is everywhere in Roma. This made me smile, and then I had gelato, which made me smile some more. And no, I did not wander around the streets with my cup of sweet. I sat down like a proper Roman and enjoyed all its goodness.

Vino is everywhere. I must have passed six wine bars on the way back towards my hotel near the Pantheon (more on that tomorrow).

Then there is Piazza Navona, which was as I remembered it: amusing and gloriously frothy.

The levitating guy, who was pissed off that I took his photo and did not pass him a coin. Darling,  I wanted to say: I saw you last year. Get a new act!

The fountain is even more splendid at night when lit up.  Since Trevi fountain is being renovated, it's the place to be.

Turner painting anyone? That's what this scene reminded me of.

And then there was the San Luigi die Francesi church with the amazing Caravaggio paintings, which I saw last year, and had to see again.  Right up the street from Piazza Navona

Inside the ceiling is gilt and glowing.

And then there are the Caravaggio painting. Larger than life, they don't tire the eye no matter how many times you see them. Of course, the curious thing is that they are lit via a coin operated box, which someone must feed, which I did: twice. 

Caravaggio broke new ground in that these works are realistic in a way that was shocking during his time. Saints with messy hair and dirty feet? It was a revelation.

Two spaces away, Death keeps watch.

A detail of the door, which mirrors exactly a detail of a door in Spoleto. I am figuring that this this is early 19th century design.

The organ case, which lies above to the left.

The ceiling in all its splendor.

A nearby street, radiant in the rain, the buildings glowing, pink and melon in the light.

And lastly, a Baroque masterpiece from which the word "oratorio" is derived. Don't ask me. I'm functioning on a few hours sleep. Google baby!

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  1. yes -exactly like a turner! i've never been to Rome and we're talking about going next year for our big vacation so I'm eating up all this info!


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