Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Sacred Destination: San Salvatore, Spoleto, Italy

Umbrian Serenades buddies, John and Stephen 

From the moment I entered though the large tall door, to exiting though a smaller side door, I felt as though I was in another time and place. San Salvatore is a 4th century basilica in Spoleto, Italy, with just enough interior detail to give one a strong whiff of all things ancient. Clear light though high clerestory windows focuses one's attention on what is inside, where the mind is drawn up, up, up into something ineffable. Real or no, places like San Salvatore have that affect, or so it seemed as I stood there and smiled from ear to ear.

San Salvatore is a proto-Christian structure with ancient Roman columns, which indicate that the building was a temple of some sort, one that sat—and still sits—in the middle of a cemetery. I found it empty and still on a glorious morning with two Umbrian Serenades buddies. We stood under the dome, testing the acoustics, and thought it a magical place to sing. 

Photo Credit: Daniel's Dinky iPhone

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