Friday, August 29, 2014

To Paulo...

With my friend Paulo Faustini in Trevi, Italy 

Paulo Faustini and I have been friends since 1985, when we sang together in the prestigious Westminster Choir, which also served as the opera chorus for the Festival of Two Worlds. As a result, we spent a glorious summer together in Charleston, South Carolina, and Spoleto, Italy; climbing scaffolding in Puccini's Fancuilla del West, and singing the Fauré Requiem in the Spoleto Cathedral. Fast forward to Paulo's founding of Umbrian Serenades—which gives professional and amateur singers the very same life-changing experience we had as students—and I feel as though I have lived to refute Thomas Wolf's posthumous novel. It's been a thrill to be back for the last four seasons (Umbrian Serenades will celebrate its tenth year in 2015) where I learned so much as a graduate student: singing with wonderful friends, making real music, and having the time of my life.

A very old friend from my undergraduate days went with me this year, and afterwards told me: "I understand why you were trying to get me to go last year: this has changed my life!" Indeed, we were all changed, which has everything to do with the exquisite program that Paulo works on tirelessly all year. It's his passion, a word that I use with precision. He really does have it.

Paulo loves three things: singing, wine and Italy. To know these three is to know all, which Paulo has woven together, creating a truly beautiful experience.

A toast to a most wonderful man, artist and friend!

Post-concert dinner in Trevi

Photo Credit: Love & Light captured in Daniel's dinky iPhone. 

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