Thursday, September 25, 2014

Falling Leaves

I was walking back through Central Park from the East Side this past Sunday where I sing for donuts, and come upon fall in the form of a tree that had shed most of its leaves in a carpet of brown—and stood there for a moment, my mouth gaping in wonder. The Climate March was just beyond in the fog, making its way down Central Park West, having drawn more than 400 thousand participants—another kind of wonder which went on for more than four hours. No, I wasn't able to join it, but did cross it—a young female cop letting me wade through the crowd which was courteous and represented by people of every description. I heard later that the major news outlets didn't bother to cover it. No news in saving the planet? Everyone out of town at their Hampton houses? Clearly, it's time for change. 


  1. There's always one tree down by the duckpond behind where we live that first shows that autumn is on the way. I noticed the orange cast to the leaves a few days ago and soon it will blaze.

    1. Thank you, Blue. That's the case with this tree, which had lost all it's leaves while the rest of the Park is still waiting.


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