Monday, September 1, 2014

Trevi: Chiesa di San Francesco

The trouble with carrying my handy-dandy iPhone around with me in Italy while attending Umbrian Serenades is that it doesn't take very good photos in anything but really good light. That's why I can't show you very much of one my favorite places: Chiesa di San Francesco.

A 12th century deconsecrated church with a 14th century organ (that I had the pleasure of hearing last year) in the beautiful hill-top town of Trevi, Chiesa di San Francesco has incredible acoustics in which to sing. This year I was part of a quartet that sang behind the altar in concert with the larger choir which sang in front, our sotto-voce singing carrying out into the space in a remarkable manner. Really, for a musician this is one of the most thrilling things imaginable; the opportunity to sing glorious music in a space that was made for it is second to none.

My heart soars every time I enter this space, one that I hope you have the chance to see and hear for yourself, hopefully with Umbrian Serenades in attendance! Then you'll be able to tag along to the reception at Villa Fabri, which overlooks the Umbrian Valley towards Spoleto. The view there is spectacular.

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