Monday, September 8, 2014

Umbrian Serenades: Amazing Meals

Melon & Prosciutto Salad at Hotel dei Duchi 

Beautiful White at Il Panciolle 

Truffle Pasta at Il Panciolle 

Gnocchi with Wild Boar Sauce at Il Panciolle 

Incredible Bruschetta with Monini Olive Oil 

Wild Boar Stew at Ristorante Sabatini 

Grilled Vegetables at Il Panciolle 

Farewell Dinner at Hotel dei Duchi 

My fourth Umbrian Serenades experience this past summer was a complete joy from start to finish with wonderful friends making music, having fabulous dinners and beautiful wines. Really, I had so much fun, I often forgot to take pictures; these photos being just a sliver of the amazing meals I had.

The binding agent of Umbrian Serenades is, of course, the musical aspect, which brought out the best in everyone. Having been involved for four seasons, I can say that each successive year has been a deeper and richer experience than the one before—a testament to founder Paulo Faustini's vision and hard work.

This year, I found myself craving grilled vegetables, which was a good thing since it meant light lunches allowed me more freedom at dinner. Those incredible first courses like strapazzata di uovo con tartufo (scrambled eggs with truffles) that magically kept being served? I didn't say no. Not a bad way to live, huh? 

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