Monday, October 20, 2014

Weekend in Philadelphia

30th Street Station 

A 24-hour trip to Philadelphia to visit friends meant arriving at 30th Street Station from New York on Amtrak, taking in a Paul Strand photography exhibit (must see) at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, then a lovely dinner in Fairmont, one which included Tabarrini wines from Umbria which I had ordered online. 

Center City Window 

The next morning, we had brunch in Center City at near Rittenhouse Square, then walked along the new promenade along the river. A beautiful weekend all around. 


  1. We've gone a few times for weekend trips. Inexpensive, so much to see, and a quick jaunt from DC (or NYC for that matter) -it's really fun. We planned on going sometime this fall but that didn't quite happen.

    1. Thank you for your comment, ArchitectD! Yes,such a beautiful city with much to see. I loved seeing the old houses around Rittenhouse Square. Here's to more jaunting!


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