Monday, November 3, 2014

All Hallow's Eve

Mr. Husband got his Dracula on again this All Hallow's Eve, scaring the kids on our block, which is closed off to traffic with cars removed—a tradition that was founded by Gwen Verdon in the 60's, hundreds of them trick or treating after the sun falls from the sky. 

I did the makeup as I always do, which brings my makeup box from the opera out of storage. Mister did protest somewhat as he was cleaning up later, saying how hard it was on his skin. "Welcome to show business," I said. "Now you know what it was like to do 8 shows a week!" The only salvation was moisturizer, and it was only partial salvation, since the face really gets abused applying and removing greasepaint. You just learn to live with it, and remind yourself that the rawness you feel is a blessing, since you—lucky boy that you are—are onstage when thousands like you are not. Do I miss the constant performing, now that I am teaching full-time? Actually, I do and I don't. While being onstage is a real kick (and I still perform from time to time), I'm quite happy with my life in the studio, which is another kind of theatre, believe me. 

Speaking of theatre: this photo was taken 24 hours after Jack was lit, by virtue of a long lasting candle which stayed lit all through the night, next day, and then into the second night. We had watched Tim Burton's "Sleepy Hollow" the night before Halloween, so, of course, I found myself carving the face one sees at the beginning of the movie. Grisly fun that. I love the film's coloration and tone. All blues and grays, washed out and monochromatic, which is how I feel now that daylight saving's time has been inflicted upon us. If the cows don't care, why do we? You don't see them depriving themselves of light which one needs as the days grow shorter. 


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