Monday, November 17, 2014

El Greco and a Walk Through Central Park

Mr. Husband and I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to see a modest exhibit of the paintings of El Greco this past Sunday (El Greco in New York), walking through the Park on the way home, and finding fall in all its glory.

I couldn't help myself, of course, and snapped a few photos of El Greco's paintings before I heard to female voice tell another museum-goer behind me that photos were not allowed. Oops. Naughty Daniel. But in my defense, I didn't see the "No Photos" sign. Of course, I didn't look for it either, did I? But no matter. What did I see in the one large room of his paintings? Lots of green, more than I remember seeing before. 

His Byzantine iconographic figures stretch and twist towards heaven in a peculiar manner. And then there is his famous painting of Christ holding a cross, eyes all dewy and radiant. Mr. Husband said it looked like a black velvet painting. And I must say, he had a point. 

Then we crossed Central Park, making our way home to a steaming pot of darjeeling and a chocolate confection from a lovely French bakery. 

As I write this words, rain is pouring from the sky, and I anticipate going out tomorrow and seeing  trees nearly bare of leaves. 

That's when I know the long winter has started, even if the calendar says otherwise. 


  1. It seems to me the Fall is more colourful this year than previously – at least here in the South. I has been glorious and continues to be if in its final stages. Your photographs are terrific, especially the last one.

    1. Thank you, Blue. I'd say we're having a very burnished fall here compared to last year. Glorious really. Glad to hear you are having the same.


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