Saturday, December 6, 2014


A very good friend sent an amaryllis in a pot about 10 days ago, which I promptly watered according to instructions, then watched shoot up like you can't believe. A day or so ago, it started blooming, and, as you can see, has the most amazing red flowers. It's probably not going to last another week, so when it gives up the ghost, the enamel pot next to it on the table behind the couch is going to house its first trimmed Christmas tree: you know, the Martha Stewart number where you trim away some of the branches in order to create a layered effect? I've always wanted to do it, and decided that this was the year. Pictures to follow when I have something to show. Just in time for Christmas. 


  1. Amaryllis are one of my favorite flowers. Love your bookcases!

    1. Thank you for your comment, Linda. Love them too. Of course, there remind me of a well-known aria antiche that voice students learn in their studies. The bookcases were made by a friend, and are quite practical, yet give the apartment a certain something.


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