Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas Day Walk

Sheep Meadow 

Looking towards 5th Avenue and Central Park South

Looking towards 5th Avenue 

Frick Museum 

Frick Museum Garden 

St. James Episcopal Church, Madison Avenue 

East 72nd Street 

Bethesda Terrace 

Central Park West 

A Christmas Day walk took Mr. Husband and I across Central Park to the Frick Museum and Madison Avenue, then back across the Park at 72nd Street, where we passed the Bethesda Terrace. It was a beautiful afternoon, with "stormy" light making the towering new building seen from Sheep Meadow look somewhat interesting for the first time ever. More tall buildings will be going up in the years to come, which will significantly change the skyline.

Speaking of building: The Frick Museum wants to build a tower where a lovely courtyard garden now stands (my photo of the Frick with a tree), which is protected by the Landmarks Commission. This kind of proposal having been shot down once before, we'll see what happens. Change is relentless in this town! 

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