Thursday, December 11, 2014

O Christmas Tree

This Christmas tree business is very early for me, since I usually decorate for the Holidays only during the week before Christmas. But it was snowing in Gotham today as I passed a tree stand a few blocks away, and wouldn't you know it? The pine fragrance hit me in the face, my heart burst open.

Honey! Look what I brought home! And that's really unusual too, since Mr. Husband and I have not put up a tree in more than a decade, since there is no room for one that sits on the floor. But the idea of having a tabletop tree has been brewing in my brain. 

The antique cloisonné pot is in its usual place and is quite handy for champagne. All I had to do was put in antique glass fireplace "coals" that my father gave me as ballast, then wedge in floral foam to keep the tree from falling over, which I covered with moss. Then I trimmed away some of the branches and created a terraced structure—using brown shoe polish to touch up. Up came an old sample suitcase from the basement that I store ornaments in—some antique, some newer, all a riff on the colors in the apartment. 

Garland will go on the mantel in a week or so—no hurry on that just yet, with gilt pines cones (we're talking gold paint, ok?), gold ribbon and not much else.

Only one thing is missing, which is a tree top ornament. I'm thinking purple, pink, silver or gold. But then, I won't know until I see it. Isn't that how it goes?


  1. Lovely! We did a tabletop tree as well this year too since we're not having a party. However it's as tall as a regular tree once it was up on the table, a pleasant surprise, and takes up less room too!

    1. Thank you for your comment, ArchitectDesign. Yes, that's the wonderful thing: a tabletop tree is as tall as a 8-9 foot tree. We don't have floorspace for one, so haven't had a tree for more than a decade. Nice to have it back. Wishing you and yours a wonderful Holiday and a Merry Christmas!

  2. Dear Daniel,

    Hello. Season's Greetings...

    Your table top tree looks beautiful. I love your choice of ornaments on the trees and the colours scheme. It's beautifully well-proportioned. I hope you and your husband have a wonderful Christmas.

    With best wishes, ASD

    PS. I usually put the gold star or my old angel with a long face (my cherished gift) at the top of the tree...but this year, I might think of putting something different.

    1. Thank you for your comment and good thoughts, ASD. Haven't found a treetop ornament yet, but will look for one at the 26th Ave Flea next week on Saturday. Never know what you will find there. Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas!


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