Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Sinatra: An American Icon

If you are in Gotham anytime between now and September, I encourage you to see a wonderful exhibition on Frank Sinatra at the Performing Arts Library at Lincoln Center, where you can find me working away. I snapped this photo on the second floor, which looks out onto the main plaza, the exhibition proper being on the first floor. Despite being a rainy day, there were quite a few people in attendance. Go! 

And as you may have noticed, I have been fiddling with the color of this blog, which has gone tawny-taupe-grey something-or-other. All I know is: I am no longer afraid of the dark. The font is now "Cardo," which is a classical typeface. 


  1. I think the dark color showcases the photographs better -thats why my blog has ALWAYS been black!
    I'll have to check out this Sinatra tribute for my grandma. even at 90 she's still a bobby socks'er and probably the biggest Frank Sinatra fan left around (self proclaimed president of his fan club lol). Since my grandfather passed away her apartment has become a SHRINE to Sinatra.

  2. Thank you for your comment, ArchitectDesign. You make an excellent point! Photos do seems to pop off the page when the background is dark. I only wish I could carry the dark background into 3-D, but unfortunately, haven't been able to pull it off yet. I've tried it several times in my living room with mixed results. Let me know when you come to the City!


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