Friday, April 3, 2015

Table & Three Chairs

A corner of the living room from five years ago, if not more, which I found on an old external hard drive and don't remember snapping. The Biedermeier chair is now in storage awaiting restoration, while the partially seen orange throne chair now graces the offices of a friend at City Ballet. The balloon back chair is also in storage, having come apart at the seams, as old chairs often do. The lamp shade has a new base, while the table remains as does the flat screen TV which streams this & that from a laptop. The built-in bookcase and arches were constructed in the 1930's when the building was converted from a single family home into apartments. All very simple when you think about it. 

Yes, that's the entryway that you see on the right. Unusual for a New York apartment, it also provides a grand entrance. Not bad for a little apartment with high ceilings, good bones, and two boys who count themselves very lucky. 

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