Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Winter Comes to Lincoln Center

My home away from home, you might say, is the performing Arts Library at Lincoln Center. It's reached by crossing Lincoln Center plaza at just the spot you see—which looks towards Broadway and the central plaza beyond the trees that are now dormant and awaiting spring—a hundred paces beyond the Metropolitan Opera on the right. 

I was there today, requesting a seven volume tome of historic singing manuals that is housed off-sight, and which will find their way to me in a few days. 

So I'll be back. 

Saturday, January 2, 2016

knife & plate

Victorian knife & plate that was given yesterday at a family gathering in Pennsylvania. Haven't a clue as to the utility of the curved-bladed dinner knife with its ornate ivory handle. Whether for fish or fowl, or something else entirely (do you know?), I do know that they are fabulous together. Haven't done a thing to the knife yet, the only thing being a careful shining with 400 grade sandpaper which will remove the stain from the steel. I love how the pattern in the knife's handle sings along with the pattern on the plate. The latter is stamped Corea, which means exotica by way of England.