Friday, July 1, 2016

Kitchen Detail

Crazy nuts with getting ready to trade apartments with a couple who live in Paris, I spent last evening cleaning the kitchen, shining what little silver was on hand, and glueing a chair back together. Slipping the dish drain off the butcher block countertop to snap a photo, I realized again just how much I love wood—which is something I got from my father. And there is a lot of it in this kitchen, from the aforementioned countertop (which I found on the street), to the walnut and gilt 19th century frame that I made into a mirror. I have two of the latter, but only have room for one, its mate biding its time in storage. 

At one point, I had the bright idea of using antique tile as a backsplash, but after consulting with Blue, chose to go with mirror—which was sourced from the back of a closet door and fit perfectly. Yes, I am constantly cleaning it, but so what? I would be doing that anyway, right? The antique shaving mirror tucked under the Ikea cabinets was found at the Antique Garage on 25th Street—which no longer exists, the building having been torn down—along with the antique (and perhaps Italian) green man. He's moved about the apartment, but seems to like his present perch above a 19th century gilt mirror with original glass.

Jewel box kitchen. That's what one friend has called the space. Nice to hear of course. But perhaps the thing I like about this tiny kitchen (in terms of cooking) is the extractor fan over the twenty inches stove that sucks out cooking grease. It was connected to the building's venting system that was installed in the 1930's, and is a god-send.