Sunday, February 4, 2018

Capturing White

I love my iPhone 6. The camera lens is much better than the 4 I upgraded from. But it does have one problem the 4 did not have: my 6 conks out in the cold. If I have it out of my pocket in 30 something temperatures, is goes dark after 3 minutes or so. So these photos are something of a miracle since I had to snap, snap, snap pretty quickly—keeping my hand on the phone while it was in my pocket so as to keep it warm. 

The things we do for art! This was the big snow storm of the winter (so far) from this past month. I dashed out to Sheep's Meadow—a stone's throw from my door—to capture the white. 


  1. Daniel, Many of your postings are landscapes and outdoor spaces, and you make them fresh; each one of them reveals an encounter. You go beyond what is seen in the ordinary sense and reveal what you see--your vie interieure. The trees in winter that you posted are dreaming of spring. Thank you.

    1. Thank you, David! Yes, I am dreaming of spring. And noticed that the light—angle of the sun—is different today. Onward! D


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