Saturday, April 21, 2018

Studio Light

A photo of the studio snapped about a month ago when the light changed from winter to spring. Since then, it's been chilly but ever brighter. I'm very much used to my mother's 1930's Persian now, which felt very busy at first, and am plotting a simpler setting of soft furniture. Something modern: a tufted sofa with mid-century lines with accompanying chairs; an ottoman with legs so as to create more sense of space; and a letting go of the table behind the sofa. The desire for more room around the major pieces drives the whole plan as well as the acknowledgment that the Persian is the star of the show. 

Speaking of big statements, I am still working on much larger mirror, the frame of which is in the basement, patiently waiting for its moment. And I do need to paint the bookshelves on the left. You noticed that, right? I do. Every time I see a photo like this and walk into the room. Stuff to do. Like everything else in life, it takes some planning and execution. Let's see what we can get done by midsummer. 

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