Sunday, June 10, 2018

Central Park Lake at Dusk

Snapped with my iPhone last night at dusk, there being enough light to capture the skyline, clouds, and lake below. Curiously, as I was leaving, I passed a gaggle of photographers making their way to this very spot—toting tripods and cameras. Yeah, I thought. I should get one of those! Two more minutes and this shot would have been really fuzzy—even more fuzzy than it is now. That said, it retains a degree of calm. And don't we need that? 

I woke to news of 45 blowing up trade agreements and glass-lighting Canada. God. I love Canada and Canadians. The times I have been in Toronto have been special. Can't wait to go back. I hope they know there is a large block of bipartisan Americans that stand with our allies. Someday, our current madness will have passed. It can't come soon enough, both for us and the rest of the world. Meanwhile, we must keep making art, music, dance, poetry—and love. 

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