Sunday, December 23, 2018

Almost Christmas

There was Thanksgiving dinner using the emerald green dinnerware I brought back from Paris courtesy of Tuile a Loup, followed the day after by decorating for Christmas, which took all of 10 minutes—longer to find the boxes in storage if one is counting minutes. 

Good that I decorated so easily and quickly since I somehow managed to mangle the meniscus in my right knee a few days later. Weeks ago now, I am finally walking more normally, and hope to be back to something resembling full function by Spring. No more working out on the rowing machine, but I have rediscovered the pool. Add physical therapy and rolfing into the mix and you have a plan. 

Thanksgiving and emerald green plates meant I could also use the lovely etched pink and green goblets that were given to me by my sisters last year at Christmas. Four in all, we had elegant French pinot noir with Jacque Pepin's steamed turkey—again, a repeat now for several years.  

The Christmas decorations? The same as last year, which was a repeat from the year before. No imagination whatsoever. Gilded pine cones and fake cranberry garland which I have added to since the photo was taken—augmenting with more pine cones. Simple. Which is how things are in life right now with writing and teaching, keeping one foot in front of the other. 

Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday season. 

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