Umbrian Serenades Dinner Party

Before. During. After. 

I had a dinner party for members of Paulo Faustini's Umbrian Serenades—most of us singing in Spoleto, Italy, during one year or another—so moved the dining table into the middle of the room, revealing my mother's 1930's Persian in the process. 

There was Prosecco; gourmet Mac-N-CheeseRustic French PâtéProvence Chicken; salad, pears and cheese for dessert; and a lot of wine! 

The Buddha made his was back to the mantel as I was setting the room up (Sarah Bernhardt is on the other side), ensconced in a 1950's or 60's Italian frame from the Antique Garage on 24th Street in Chelsea that is no more.

(Needless to say, I am hardly, if ever, venturing forth for new old things. But that's fine: I have enough already for a smallish one-bedroom apartment in the heart—oh blessed me—of Manhattan.) 

You have to make your fun, right? That's what we did that night. 


Stephilius said…
Looks like a lovely time. : )
Daniel Shigo said…
Thank you for your comment, Stephilius. Twas indeed!

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